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July 28, 2022

Sean Bennett Truck, Diesel Engine and Electric Vehicle Education

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Sean Bennett specializes in the education of Motive Power technicians.  His industry background was with a Freightliner Dealership followed by Mack Trucks Incorporated.  Sean’s first teaching experiences came at Mack Trucks and he subsequently joined the faculty at Toronto’s Centennial College where he was the Program Coordinator of the Truck, Coach, and Diesel Department. At the college, he chaired faculty teams revising the Ontario Provincial apprenticeship curricula for a number of Automotive Programs including Truck, Coach, Automobile, and Marine engines, shifting the emphasis onto competency-based learning outcomes. While at Centennial, he began writing textbooks.  In 2009, he left the college to devote all his time to writing, revising, and editing academic textbooks.

Sean’s most recent textbook addresses electric vehicle technology, a project for which he feels a considerable amount of passion. Electric Vehicles: A systems approach is scheduled for digital publication in August 2022 by Goodheart-Willcox. The hard-paper textbook will be available in October 2022. For a more detailed description, see the Electric Vehicles page on this website.

Sean maintains close ties with industry to ensure that his writing retains currency.  He believes that the modern technician requires flexibility to be effective and that any person working with technology today must be prepared learn continually throughout a career.  In speaking to schools and educators, he stresses that formal certification should be regarded as just the first step in progressing to  excellence. Self-driven, subsequent steps, are essential to progressively master technology. In addition, he emphasizes that technology has transformed the ways we learn and that teaching and learning programs must accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Sean believes that a modern approach to developing technicians should emphasize education over training.

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