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July 28, 2022

Electric Vehicles

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Publish Date: October 2022

The focus of Electric Vehicles: A Systems Approach is on the high-voltage electric drive train. It addresses the learning requirements of students who have undergone basic vehicle system training. The content of the text is entirely devoted to the study of HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, and FCEVs. All weight classes of EVs are covered, from automobiles and courier vans, through transit buses and heavy duty trucks. There is also technical coverage of the current Formula One ERS hybrid drive train along with a detailed orientation to current EV technology trends.  

Electric Vehicles: A Systems Approach has two chapters dedicated to EV safety: one that deals with general shop safety and addresses OSHA-required lock-out, tag-out (LOTO) procedures, and a second that exclusively addresses high-voltage vehicle safety. Other chapters address hands-on service and repair routines and contain a wide range of alerts and precautions, along with reminders of the high-voltage personal protection equipment (PPE) required when servicing EVs. 

The objectives of this textbook include the following: 

  • Navigate the complexities of high-voltage drive trains.
  • Uses simple language to make EV technology understandable for vehicle technicians. 
  • Prepare students to effectively service and repair EVs.
  • Provide a solid foundation for EV students so they can focus on the specific vehicle when participating in a manufacturer OEM training program. 
  • Stimulate learners by using a wide range of visuals that include author-generated schematics and illustrations.
  • Explain the technology in easy-to-understand, every-day language.   
  • Challenge aspiring learners at a higher level, using critical reasoning questions at the conclusion of each chapter.

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